Title: Winning Attitudes

Workshop Description

Achieving your personal best shouldn’t be a mystery! During this 2 hour webinar, you will learn how to develop and maintain a positive attitude by applying proven strategies discovered by cognitive science. Learn how to overcome challenges and achieve a high level of success. Winning Attitudes aims to motivate and inspire participants to take charge of their decisions, develop improved self-talk, and improve their attitude responses to other people and situations for greater work-related success. Topics and activities are derived from a variety of disciplines including: communication, psychology, management, and sociology. 

The workshop is designed to: 

• Provide scientifically supported strategies to improve wellbeing (the foundation of a winning attitude). 

• Encourage participants to create and practice strategies they can use to achieve noticeable results. 

• Apply proven strategies from cognitive science to help participants rewire how they cognitively process situations, people, and events. 

• Identify and apply strategies that curb negativity. 

• Provide steps to acquire a more positive outlook – a state of mind that envisions and expects favorable results.

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