My primary research interests include understanding how the production process alters the way media is consumed. Simply stated if you learn to write a balanced well- researched news article does this change the way you evaluate news articles written by others? If so, how? Are you more sensitive to language use? Do you have higher expectations for evidence of fact checking? Do you question why certain photographs accompany an article? Are you more likely to question the relationship of the headline to the content?

I believe the production process (interviewing, news writing, documentary filmmaking, broadcasting, editing and shooting video and photos) is liberating. It is one thing to critique another person’s ability to shoot and edit a news story, advertisement or social media campaign. It is a completely different thing to do it yourself.

Equally, I’m deeply disturbed by the negativity and lack of civility in fan communities found within on-line communities like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. This area of inquiry has me questioning  how interactions within fan communities can lead to cyberbullying. Can fan interactions even be defined as cyberbullying? If not, why? If so, when does an interaction cross the line between incivility and outright bullying?