2017 – 2018 Courses

Fall 2017

CM/EN230 Writing for the Web Syllabus 

CM113 Visual & Digital Literacy Syllabus  

CM302 Mass Media & Social Issues Syllabus

Spring 2018

CM217_Media Production  Practice in mobile cinematography and editing.  Course includes learning theory and terminology. An emphasizes hands-on practice with use of mobile camera, audio, basic script writing, location shoots, postproduction and social media sharing.

CM403 Digital Journalism – Join Our Facebook Page! The Court Report – Georgian Court University’s Weekly Live Broadcasts. Thursdays at 11:30 am. Students talk sports, entertainment, campus events, and a student pet of the week!

CM225 Transmedia Storytelling – Transmedia Storytelling uses multiple media platforms to tell a narrative across time to engage specific audiences. This course considers essential elements of storytelling; how to design and actively participate across media platforms; essential elements of meta-narratives; and how audiences participate within fan communities.

CM465 Digital Communication Professional Practices: Capstone Course for Graduating Seniors

Fall 2018

CM217 Media Production

CM310 Self & Society in Virtual Contexts

CM410 Communication Theory & Research