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I love sharing what I know with others. Much of what I write is to help readers develop skills they can use to help grow a career or business. I’m very practical in my approach to teaching and the topics I write about.

I think creativity, motivation, and know-how are all anyone needs to be successful. The overwhelming majority of people learn best by doing. Things have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. YOU can learn anything… absolutely anything. You just have to have the desire.

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How to Write a LinkedIn Profile for College Students

I’ve written a few academic book chapters and have delivered many, many conference presentations. My first love is telling stories using digital tools: documentaries, podcasts, stop-motion animation, promotional videos, and infographics.

Check out my recently created youtube channel — Marcello TV. It was named to honor my grandfather who was a television repairman (back when they existed!) and owned a shop called Marcello TV in Chambersburg, NJ. I’m consolidating all of my creative work into one channel and I continue to create! It’s a little bit of everything. Please be patient as I continue to add to the channel. Thanks!

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