Twitter Assignment: A tool of Journalism?



For your final assignment in News Editing, you are responsible for writing a report about the use and importance of Twitter in journalism and how it is used by journalists as a tool of communication. Of particular importance is the interactivity of the tool.

Prior to writing your final report and presenting your findings, you will need to do the following:

1) follow THREE different broadcast journalists (preferably a journalist in three different markets: local, regional, and national);

2) You need to tweet while viewing a broadcast for each of your selected broadcast journalists (you will need #hashtag the station in your tweet so it can be located and read by other followers). In most cases, you can find the hashtag on the broadcasters’ Twitter page.

3) Finally, you need to direct message each of the broadcast journalists you are following and ask him or her a specific question. You choose the question based on your interest in a story he or she has covered or a more general question about journalism.

Once you have engaged in the process, you are going to write a report discussing the experiences you have had. For example, if you are re-tweeted and/or if the journalist responded to your question.

In writing your report you will consider the following questions:

1) Who are each of the journalists you selected and why did you chose them? Provide background information for each journalist.

2) Why is twitter an important tool for journalism and journalists?

3) How are journalists similar and/or different from each other in their use of Twitter?

4) What have you learned or discovered about using Twitter?

You will hand-in your report and present your findings in a 10 minute in-class  Power Point presentation. The presentation should include screen captures of your Tweets, retweets and responses.

I encourage each of you to look at the content of each of the  journalists prior tweets and identify if there are any trends you notice in the content.

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Dr. Gina Marcello is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Graphic Design & Multimedia at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ.