News Editing – Covering a Local Event – Assignment 9/24

News WritingFor this week’s writing assignment, you are required to attend a local event.  As part of our assignment, you will:

1. Identify a local event.  Before you identify the event, identify the reasons why you think it is newsworthy. The event can be on the GCU campus or in the local area.

2. Attend the event.  While at the event take pictures to capture the essence / angle of your news story.  Interview relevant sources at the event.

4. Write a strong headline for your story.

5. Write a fair & balanced article in less than 300 words, incorporate one or more  images.

6. Post your draft article on your blog by September 24th.

7.  Read your classmates’ blogs. Provide feedback.

8. Make revisions/edit your news story.

9. Bring a hardcopy of your article to class on Thursday 9/26.

Thanks, Dr. Marcello

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