Mumps Outbreak at Jersey Shore

One case of the mumps has been confirmed and the Monmouth County Health Department has identified another 26 cases.

DJais closes for the weekend article on NBC New York.

CNN Article from Thursday. 

Jouralism students — Why is this story worthy of national news? What qualities, if any, does the story contain related to newsworthiness.

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Dr. Gina Marcello is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, Graphic Design & Multimedia at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, NJ.

4 thoughts on “Mumps Outbreak at Jersey Shore

  1. this story is definitely worth national news, because everyone, families mostly go to the jersey shore to hangout and get a few rays of sun before Fall finally hits. This is a serious problem, and can get dangerous if families are not careful and take their children and loved ones to the doctor for regular checkups and get their usual shots for their body to immune themselves from all infections out there in the world