About Gina Marcello, Ph.D.

Gina Marcello, Ph.D.

With over twenty years as a highly sought after learning and development specialist and thirteen years as a full-time college professor, I have successfully designed curricula, workshops, and classes focused on the practical application of core communication competencies – speaking, listening and media literacy.

I’ve developed, designed, and taught over fifty different college courses and over one hundred customized corporate training courses for blended, online, and face-to-face learning environments.

My instructional design projects are diverse. I am the author of Democracy In Action, a one day civics simulation for social studies teachers and youth program leaders, co-author of NJ Language Arts standard 3.5 Viewing & Media Literacy, the creator of Media Mindfulness an integrated hands-on advertising and persuasion curriculum for middle school students, and a co-author of Customer Service for the 21st Century online training program developed under a grant from the US Immigration and Naturalization Service.

I’m the author of three different college curricula including: the A.A. degree in Communication at the County College of Morris, the B.A. in Digital Communication and the M.S. in Communication and Digital Marketing for Georgian Court University.

My greatest strength is my innate ability to synthesize and organize large amounts of information into easily accessible, highly relevant, and understandable learning objectives, outcomes, and content for diverse learning styles and audiences. This includes creating dynamic multimedia presentations and short films.

La Bella Vita: The Beautiful Life of Northern Italy

My creative works include two short documentary films both screened at international film festivals. La Bella Vita: The Beautiful Life of Northern Italy won Best Travel Short at HIIDA and was recognized by the International Travel Film Festival in Greece.

In 2008, I earned a Ph.D. in Communication & Media Studies from Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information. Active in my professional associations, I served as President of the New Jersey Communication Association 2017-2018.