Gina Marcello, Ph.D.

With over twenty years as a highly sought after corporate trainer and thirteen years as a full-time college professor, I know how to teach diverse learning styles.

Why? Because I also write my own curriculum. Out of the box workshops aren’t bad, but they can not teach to the people sitting in a specific classroom. Being a great trainer and teacher means knowing how and when to adapt to your audience. All of my workshops are customized to my clients’ needs whenever possible.

Corporate Trainer & Speaker: I’ve developed, designed, and taught over fifty different college courses and over one hundred customized corporate training courses for blended, online, and face-to-face learning environments. Participants love my workshops because they are practical and applied. I hate nothing more than talking just about theory. You don’t become a better runner by reading about running. You get better by actually running. Can the theory of running help? Yes. Is that going to help you win the NYC marathon? I doubt it. Regardless of the topic, participants in my courses learn how to apply theory so it works for them in their lives.

Author: I am the author of Social Media Resumes: College Edition, Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas (a civic education simulation designed for social studies teachers and youth program leaders), Media Mindfulness an integrated hands-on advertising and persuasion curriculum for middle school students, Social Media Marketing for Realtors (in press), and a co-author of Customer Service for the 21st Century online training program developed under a grant from the US Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Content Marketing: I love to create content that adds value. From short films to podcasting, I enjoy finding creative ways to share my passions. I recently started Marcello TV – a youtube channel – with examples of my creative work and instructional videos. There are so many ways for us to communicate today. I’ve taught students how to do this for years, and now I help businesses learn how to create strategic content too!

Documentary Filmmaker: My creative works include two short documentary films both screened at international film festivals. La Bella Vita: The Beautiful Life of Northern Italy won Best Travel Short at HIIDA and was recognized by the International Travel Film Festival in Greece. The Squeezebox Rox: The Rise and Fall of the Accordion in America Popular Culture screened at the Asbury Park Music and Film Festival in 2017.

In 2008, I earned a Ph.D. in Communication & Media Studies from Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information. Active in my professional associations, I served as President of the New Jersey Communication Association 2017-2018.